Thursday, October 4, 2012

Healthy Body - Happy Tastebuds

OK everyone - seize a fork and jab it into some delicious fresh fruits or vegetables.  Isn't it time you started feeding your body AND your taste buds? 

What do we mean?  Well, it seems that we've gotten to a place where we feed our taste buds first - without even giving a thought to what it might be doing to the health of our bodies.  Our only qualification for food is that it tastes good.  But, is that right?  Is that the way it's supposed to be?  We don't think so.

Food should taste great, but it's primary purpose is to nourish our bodies and keep us healthy.  Think about that when you're eating over-processed "food like substances" and washing them down with a diet soda.  Your taste buds might be happy for a few minutes, but your body will not be thanking you with energy, stamina, great looking skin and hair, and vibrant health.

Welcome to Seize the Fork - a blog about feeding your body AND feeding your taste buds - in that order.  Can food that is good for you delight those very picky and demanding taste buds?  We answer with a resounding "YES"! And, we should know because we are vegan personal chefs and vegan lifestyle coaches on a mission to create delicious healthy food every single day.

Stay tuned for great recipes, tips, and information to help you put your health back where it belongs - in first priority.  If you just can't wait - follow us on Facebook or check out our great pins on Pinterest.

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